Welcome to Casual Crossdresser!

The idea of this website is to expand choice in mens fashion. This is a new genre. It’s not just about guys wearing womens clothing or trying to look like women. This isn’t for your Jerry Springer transvestites or drag queens.

A casual cross dresser is a guy who will do what women have been doing for years, incorporate opposite gender styles into their look in a way that works for them. Although that’s an uphill battle. You don’t notice it anymore with women because they’ve adopted and adapted it so well over the decades. One day the same will be true for men.

This has been a journey I have been on over the last couple of years myself. It’s been hit or miss for me developing this style and I’m still only at the beginning. I’m a guy who doesn’t want to be a woman and I am not gay. But I’m tired of the same old guy choices. T-shirts, jeans, dress shirts and suits. It’s time to do something evolutionary without looking like Rue Paul or some flaming homosexual in the process. No offense against them. The idea is non-laughable style. There will be various degrees of boundary pushing. While at the same time keeping it out of the hooker-princess territory that a lot of new male crossdressers fall into, simply because they get that taste of liberation and go too extreme for their own good.

The problem is that I’m not a fashion designer. I have plenty of ideas, but nowhere to start. So a lot of this is based on already available ready-to-wear options that exist for both genders. Mixing and matching them into styles that work for guys. That creates issues in a lot of ways due to sizes available and our societies gender bias against men having the same amount of choices as women. But that’s the entire reason I’m doing this. Women already have that tomboy territory without being called lesbians, the idea is to give men a similar territory without being called gay.


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