The perception of masculinity

If I end up repeating the same subjects over and over again it’s only beause I’m passionate about them and truthfully, this topic as a whole is not nearly as vast as it first might seem. In the end, us fashion freestylers want not just the freedom (which we technically already have) but also the social acceptance to dress how we like.

Granted I’m not advocating that you should be able to be unreasonable and distasteful in how you dress. Obviously showing up to the office on Monday morning wearing only a thong is not something that would be considerd acceptable. Neither would be wearing a neon green jumpsuit to a funeral, typically. Yes it is all subjective and some of you might already be pointing out that to a vast majority of the population, you(as a man) showing up dressed in womens clothing may be considered even more distasteful. So I agree that it’s all subjective. But this website is not focused on advocating for neon green jumpsuits at funerals or thongs (and only thongs) at the office. Maybe it should be, this is freestyle fashion, there is nothing about that term that specifically advocates only mixing styles from one gender to another. But that is the central focus of this site, at least for now. So let’s stick to that.

Now on to the real topic of this post, the perception of masculinity.


I was watching the 2014 Bill Burr Netflix show last night. I love me some Bill Burr. He’s one of the very few comedians that can literally make me laugh out loud. Not just say out loud “ha, that’s funny” because it’s mildly amusing. No, he literally makes me laugh out loud. Which at first seems a little ironic since the topics he often talks about stand at polar opposites to what I actually believe in. Bill Burr often takes the position of the classic manly man. With topics in his routine that rotate around subjects like “Don’t take shit from women” “why can’t we hit women” “don’t act like a woman” and so on. The truth is, even though it’s a comedy routine, he has a lot of valid points. As a white male that grew up middle class in the American midwest in the 80’s and 90’s, I can relate to everything he says. It probably helps that I had an older brother a little older than him.

The truth is, we have more in common than not. At no point on this blog do I advocate that men pack up their balls and kowtow to the extreme feminist agenda that men are less than women and should try to emulate them like some savage people trying to appease their deities. If anything I advocate that men should have the freedom to wear whatever they like to wear, even if that includes garments originally designed and sold for women. Mixing and matching between the classic gender stereotypes as they please. Not because women are better than men, but because men and women are equal and both should equally have that freedom and social acceptance to do so.

Where Mr. Burr and myself might disagree, is that he appears to accept the classic gender stereotypes (like most people do) and I do not. I have no problem with men being classic masculine types if that is what they are. But I don’t believe it is anything more than a social construct and I don’t think that all men should have to conform to it. We are fluid. Forcing a guy who likes pink to deny it or forcing a guy who wants to wear skirts into never wearing skirts is not a positive thing, it’s fucking retarded when you really think about it. Why artificially limit ourselves based on some outdated concept of what a man should be?

Now don’t go blame Bill Burr. He’s never (to my knowledge) said anything against this. If anything he did mention musicians in the past dressing up as women and doing guitar solos or something. Like it was a good thing. I just bring him up because much of his routine tends to revolve around the manly man thing. But he seems like a decent guy to me and probably doesn’t ultimately give a fuck if you’re wearing a skirt or not. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. He just got me thinking about this subject again.

Which leads me to masculinity as a social construct.

We know there are differences between the two main sexes. Both physical and mental. There is debate between scientists on the mental aspect and whether or not it’s learned behavior or biological. I tend to believe it’s a bit of both. I believe in the merits of evolutionary pyschology. I think there is something to be said for the mind following the desires of the body based on hundreds of thousands of years of physical/mental adaptation on the plains of Africa and elsewhere. I think it makes sense that men and women do certain things different from each other based on these adapatations that assured both their independent survival as a sex and their mutual survival as a species.

But let’s remember that we don’t live in that world anymore. We’ve since taken control of our own outcome through the use of advanced technology and philosophy that is increasingly based on less harm and greater freedom. Even if it takes us an additional ten thousand plus years to weed out some of our more primative aspects of human nature (if we even want to), we’ve already started. The truth is, classic masculinity doesn’t have a solid stance in the new world. The new world is covered in ice and if you can adapt to glide gracefully on that ice, you’ll surivive. If not, you’ll be like a caveman on iceskates constantly falling on your ass.

We increasingly live in a world where men no longer need to hunt and trap. We no longer need to beat our chest and aggressively posture to show our dominance. We don’t need to physically beat the shit out someone else or kill them to survive. Our villages aren’t constantly being pillaged and our women raped. This still exists in our world as a whole, but we’ve been increasingly fighting to stop it and the world is slowly but surely coming around.
The people fighting to erradicate it are not just men, but women as well. The power to do so is not based solely on a brute muscle srength as it was for hundreds of thousands of years, it’s fought with advanced technology. Everything from advanced weapon systems to the internet and spread of information. This technology has become a great equalizer. It doesn’t care if you’re wearing tousers or a skirt or whether you push the button to launch nuclear warheads with a finger tipped in nailpolish or not.

Beyond that, a lot of us men that work in the west, work in offices. We literally come to work and sit at a desk all day long. Does it really matter if we’re wearing pants or a skirt or even high heels? If a woman can do these jobs in that attire, then so can a man. So why do we continue to cling to this idea that we should dress differently? Does it really matter what the physical sex is of the other person if we’re not trying to have offspring with them?

Think about that for a minute. In the old world we had segregation of the sexes based on a variety of things. Mostly due to unequal treatment. I was important to know if that person is a man or a woman from a distance based on how they dress. That would determine how you would treat them.

Today things are different, you should be treating everyone with equal respect despite their physical sex. The need to call them out according to their physical sex is a carry over from the old world and doesn’t necessarily belong in the new world. But we still do it. Even when a baby is born the first thing people want to know is the physical sex of the child. Like it really makes any difference anymore. It’s not as if having a son is still more important than having a daughter like it used to be. Both sons and daughters inherit their parents assets these days. Both sons and daughters have equal legal rights. Both sons and daughters can succeed or fail in life. When it comes to carrying on your genetic code to future generations, either one can do it.
The only differences are in how we dress them and what we teach them to like or dislike based on outdated social constructs of the genders that we still continue to cling to some degree. Almost out of some kind of distorted romanticism for the past.

So why not take the next step and abolish the clothing standards for the genders? This artifical construct that a man should wear this and a woman should wear this. It seems almost silly that it still exists considering all the advancement we’ve made in other areas. Men will still be men and women will still be women. That won’t change. But there is no reason to put so much emphasis on the phsical sex of a person by making them outwardly state their physical sex with their attire. For what, really? It’s not as if we’re stupid either, if a guy is wearing a skirt and nail polish most of us can tell he is physically a male. The same with a female in overalls and construction boots that has short hair.
Even if we can’t tell their sex at first, does it matter? It’s not as if knowing that information or not is the differece between bending them over right then and there and humping them versus not. That’s rape and not something we’re cool with. Again we treat everyone with the same respect despite their physical sex, which makes their physcial sex only important if we plan to have offspring with them. Hopefully we’ll talk to them before doing that.

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