The Front Lines

In many ways casual crossdressing is really on the front lines of fashion freedom. One could consider it a temporary solution to a permanent future trend. A first step if you will.

Unlike classic crossdressing which tends to be more fetish, with men dressing in full drag and taking on a female alter ego. Casual crossdressing is a push for greater choice. It may be that one day seeing men walking through the mall in skirts is no stranger to the senses than seeing women today walking through the mall in jeans. These future men will not consider themselves female, nor will they take on female names and alter egos. They would probably laugh at such a thing if not curl their faces in disgust. They will buy their skirts in the mens section of the store and it will be considered a perfectly normal thing for a guy to buy and wear without any hint that it’s feminine or strange. They will simply be regular guys going along with regular fashion. Very much the way that women today buying womens jeans in the womens section do not consider it masculine, crossdressing or even think twice about the fact that this would once have been looked at as odd attire for her gender.

To us this will be a major victory, but it will not be called casual crossdressing or freestyle fashion. It will just be what guys wear. No big deal.

The general public has little interest in completely merging the genders when it comes to fashion. They enjoy the separation of male and female. They enjoy expressing that through different style or variation in clothing. They will often make the accurate excuse that men and women are shaped differently and so there must always bee a mens and womens section. So I too have a tendancy to believe it will always be this way. The best we can get is a merge of casual wear with slight differences between the male and female version. Picture for instance a modern man and woman in jeans and a t-shirt. Both are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but the mans jeans are probaly a little looser and so is his tee. While the woman probably has a baby doll style t-shirt on that is cut to a womans curves and a little more form fitting jeans. You can see this on any day of the week in any shopping mall in America. So although they are both wearing what we casually call jeans and a t-shirt, there are definitely differences in the cut, color palette and graphics based on the gender.

When it comes to skirts and other feminine styles brought over for men, you can expect this same variation to occur. The mens style will have some differences that will make it more “masculine” in terms of color and cut. But it will still be a victory because we’ve made headway and we have more choice.

As great as that will be, we have to recognize that who fights the good fight today for casual crossdressing is not the same person as the regular joe of the future who is wearing a made-for-men-skirt and simply following the fashion of the times.

The casual crossdresser of today is a lot more rebellious and ideological. He has a stronger feminine side. While he is not a classic crossdresser going full drag and attempting to be passable as a female, today’s casual crossdresser is definitely not just a blissful dude in a skirt who doesn’t know the past would have laughed at him. The casual crossdresser of today is a sober fellow who realizes he’s not a female and would never pass as a female. But he definitely has to have a strong feminine side to his personality to even be willing to push the boundaries and wear feminine articles of clothing. It is because of this that his choices will certainly circle the feminine more than the choices of the future dude. Yet he also has to, because unlike future dude who has made-for-men clothing that is feminine inspired at its roots but ultimately retailored and found in the mens section, todays casual crossdresser has to shop the womens section as much as the mens to find the perfect crossbreed of style. He’s dipping into the pink, not just in color but in cut.

Admittedly it’s late and I’m a little tired. So when I visit this post again tomorrow I may discover that I haven’t made my point as clearly as I hoped. I’ll try to sum it up a litte more right now.

Today’s casual crossdresser is a mix of genders without a lot of refinement. You take a little from the mens section and a little from the womens section and you mix and match. It’s hard to guess what mens fashion will look like in the future after it’s been infused with female style and refined to be more masculine. Just as it would have been difficult one hundred years ago to predict what womens jeans would look like today when most women were wearing dresses back then. But it’s safe to say that today most women are wearing jeans made for women. The same will eventually be true if we are victorious. Men will have mens skirts and other articles of female inspired clothing, but it won’t look or fit like a man in womens clothing. He won’t look like today’s casual crossdresser, he will look like tomorrows man with more fashion choices.

This could lead to some degree of sadness on the part of todays slightly more feminine casual crossdressers. Because although we won a great victory, it will still be missing something we’re searching for. That missing piece will be the feminine edge. We’ll still have that secret desire for a little more lace or little more of a feminine cut. We’ll still continue to fall somewhere between our classic full drag crossdressing sisters and our socially acceptable dude-in-masculine-skirt brothers. But at least the gap between us all will be smaller and the boundaries will have been pushed a little more in our favor.

Yet it would be stupid for us today to not at least recognize who we are and why we do what we do. Sort of examine the psychology of us. I mean if we were perfectly masculine men we’d have no desire to wear a skirt or frilly panties. We’d be fine with just jeans and boxers. We’d never even question it. So obviously although we are not pretending to be women like other crossdressers, we’re also not your typical guy. We definitely fall somewhere in the grey area between masculine and feminine. Even if a little fetish might trickle in. But we’re realistic and self-conscious enough to not dress in full drag and call ourselves Sally. Ultimately it will be our cool, laid back and realistic approach that will open the door for dudes-in-man-skirts of the future way more than the classic crossdressers who are viewed by the public with great hesitation. Nothing against our brethren when I say that, love em, just saying that we’re really the ones on the front lines that can push the boundaries.

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  1. I have looked at Wikipedia articles for “Transgender” and “Third Gender”, and I believe that in the near future (I don’t know about the long term) you would end up with-in effect-a new subculture. Or counterculture; LGBT is discussed in the Wikipedia Counterculture article. Why? Mainstream society is subject to stultifying tradition, and enormous inertia. So if you bring together individuals with a different outlook, you end up with a group that is distinctive.

  2. Relatively rapid change may be possible in a subculture. The Muxe (pronounced Moo-shay) of Mexico may have their roots in the old Zapotec culture. It is commented in that there has been fairly rapid change within the Muxe subculture. Beginning in the 1950s, there was a trend away from male-clothing-and-makeup towards female clothing.

  3. I can think of a near term advantage of a new group-within the group, an acceptance not readily offered by mainstream society. I

  4. Yet it would be stupid for us today to not at least recognize who we are and why we do what we do. Sort of examine the psychology of us. I mean if we were perfectly masculine men we’d have no desire to wear a skirt or frilly panties. We’d be fine with just jeans and boxers. We’d never even question it.

    Masculinity and femininity are just arbitrary categories. Being an open minded person who knows how to think has nothing to do with gender or sex but with a mindset that tend to be more intelligent. It is like saying, I don’t give a fuck about labels but what I am feeling comforable with.

    There is also a difference in the goal, some want to cater to societies expectations and look “masculine” in a skirt. Others want to achieve a high sophisticated androgynous look.

  5. Regarding DAChecker’s comments….. Would it be worthwhile creating threads for these topics? Or a thread to compare strategies?

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