Some Changes

I’ve changed the overall look of this website. I liked the tiled look that was being used, but decided that this design is better for readability. It also gives the site more of a news/online magazine feel, which I think works better.


I’ve also enabled comments from first time commentors to be posted immediately. After going through some site updates I noticed there were a few stray comments that slipped by and never got approved. Some of these were posts 6+ months ago and I feel horrible for not seeing them and approving them then.

I value each and every (non spam) comment posted here and don’t want to drive anyone away because they put time and thought into a comment that didn’t show up for 6 months. Plus I always hate it myself when I post a comment to a blog that needs approval first and it never shows up. So I’ll deal wtih whatever span might get posted if it means real people’s comments appear immediately.

As for content, I keep telling myself I’ll post more and especially stuff related more to fashion ideas or tips.  I really don’t want this whole blog to be a bitchfest about how men get a raw deal. But sadly it seems that whenever I get an idea to post here it’s usually when something I see elsewhere on the internet or in real life sparks some idea in my head.

The truth is, I have a lot going on in my life. A full time job, side work, a son, a girlfriend, plus about seven other websites I run. Most of which are not like this and don’t need a regular run of articles. But they are testament to the fact that I have a lot of varied interests, from photography and indie filmmaking, to other philosophical discussions I get invovled in. Plus I have a decent core group of friends I see on a fairly regular basis. None of that leaves me with a lot of time or money lately to experiment with new fashion items or discover new tips and tricks.
So for the time being this may still just be a place where I post random thoughts and ideas related to freestyle fasion. Hope that works for you.

That said, I have learned a lot and continue to hon my personal style which has gone pretty low key lately. Especially the older I get and the more it’s expected of me to be that “pillar of a man” as society would define it in various situations. For example, I’m not likely to show up to a funeral in a long black skirt like a woman might. Society isn’t ready for that yet. It would likely be seen as disrespectful and attention seeking. It’s unfortunate that’s the case, but it is. The same is true in my professional life most of the time.
But I continue to fight the good fight in other ways and at other times. I’ll keep you posted.



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