Name Change

I give up. I started a blog entry trying to explain the complexity that is the crossdressing world and the little niche that we fall into within it. To be honest it made my head spin so I can only imagine how it would read to friends of mine who are not in any way part of the community. Couple that with a blog post I read tonight by a guy calling all crossdressers that only wear one of two pieces of attire from the opposite sex a “pretender” and not really a crossdresser and I just can’t do it anymore. I know where he was coming from. He was coming from the worldview of what most people these days consider a crossdresser to be. A guy in full drag with press-on-tits who calls himself Sally. Rather than the dictionary definition I go by which is far more generic.

So after a quick response to that blog post, I thought about it and just decided it wasn’t worth the battle anymore. There is just too much association of the word crossdresser to “men pretending to be women” or men who are somewhere on the transgender spectrum. Plus I’m sick and tired of having to separate out the definition of casual crossdresser from traditional/classic crossdresser in every other post. It’s enough to make you say “forget it, let’s just disassociate ourselves with crossdressers and transgender people and be our own thing where we don’t have all this legacy terminology to deal with.” That said, I don’t plan to disassociated completely. I don’t dislike those people or that community as a whole. We do share many threads in common with traditional crossdressers. At the very least some fashion tips might be cross compatible. Admittedly some of us may even have a strong feminine side or at least a desire to further nurture that side of us without all the fakery of pretending to be female. But that is something to get into on individual posts rather than as a whole blog or community.

However I also have to take into account myself and my own changes. When I first began my journey into this world it started much more crossdresser-like. I think you get hit with it and believe at first that there is really only one or the other. Either you present as male or as female. As the years went by I found myself. I realized it didn’t have to be about gender identity. It can just be about what you like. You can like clothing assoicated with the opposite gender without having to present yourself as the opposite gender. You can even have a feminine side without presenting yourself as a female, even if you are wearing some female clothing. You can even see it in some of my earlier posts here made last year where I talk about having an area on the male side of the spectrum called janeygirl(janegirl) that is the male equivalent to the female tomboy.

So with that said, this website is going to be renamed Fashion Freestyler. Complete with the domain name I will continue to keep the domain and simply forward it to the new address. This change over should happen within the next day or two.


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