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Note: This image is not an example of a product offerd by said company.
Note: This image is not an example of a product offerd by said company.

So I read this story recently about two moms that decided to make a line of clothing for little girls that break down stereotypes about what is girly.

Here is the link to the article:

While I love this, because more choice is certainly better when it comes to fashion, I couldnt help but get caught up on the first line in the article.
“Frustrated by the lack of diversity in girls’ clothing options”
It stopped me in my tracks because I’m thinking to myself “Lack of diversity in girl’s clothing options? What about about boys who have even less diversity in clothing options?”

Little girls may not have had the option for dresses with trucks and dinosaurs on them before, but little boys don’t even have dresses as an option. Little girls already have dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings and so on. Little boys pretty much have slacks and jeans and that’s it. Let alone versions with hearts and flowers and typically girly prints and patterns on them.

There still remains this huge divide between what is acceptable for girls and what is acceptable for boys.

While I certainly applaud these mothers for pushing gender boundaries, I really do, I can’t help but feel like this is not going to be a big battle for them. Mostly because it’s already very acceptable for women to wear prints and patterns with ‘typical boy” things on them. I know this beacause I have a string bikini bottom with a comic book print on it purchased from the womens section three years ago. That is just one of many things I’ve seen.

I’m treading carefully here because I don’t want to make it sound like these women aren’t doing a good thing. They are. Just because boys don’t already have an equal selection of fashion choices as girls do, that doesn’t mean pushing the boundaries for girls has to stop and wait for the boys to catch up. No, by all means, keep pushing the boundaries for females as well. I just want somebody besides myself (preferrably someone who runs a fashion line) to recognize that males really need more choice.

Of course there is the obvious answer, that little boys could be wearing little girls clothing. Especially with the addition of dresses with trucks and dinosaurs on them to help ease the transition to more options for boys. But unless they are marketed toward boys  as well, it still reinforces the binary clothing idea that these dresses are stickly for girls and boys are not allowed.

Here is the website for the clothing line Princess Awesome:

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