Happy Ten Years!

Well, the ten year birthday for this website came and went this past March 9th and here it is October before I even realized it.
It’s better late than never, and better than realizing it next year. At least we’re still within the tenth year.

I can’t believe this website has been around this long now. Since March of 2012. I’ve done a terrible job of updating it over the years and so I do apologize to any readers that have stopped in from time to time. But I also have no real goals of letting it go anytime. So hopefully it will be around longer and hopefully at some point I’ll begin to write more for it.
Until then however, wishing you readers well!

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  1. Same thing happened on my 10-year anniversary over at my WordPress site. I started off the blog full of strong opinions and frustration about clothing and culture and gender identity, but once I got all that out of my system I stopped updating it. I also go years without posting; at this point I feel like I’ve either resonated with people or I’m never going to reach hearts and minds.

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