“To take something that is socially feminine and attempt to make it more socially acceptable for a male.”

I’ve seen this happen in the fashion freestyle movement and even in situations where a regular guy (who is not trying to push boundaries) finds some utility in something feminine and desires to make it more socially masculine so he doesn’t get made fun of.
It’s hard to blame guys for doing this. I do it myself. Nobody wants to be laughed at or mocked or even looked at funny if they can help it. We are all social creatures and want social acceptance. It’s frustrating to try and push social boundaries while also trying to fit into that society. We all need friends and we all need to shop, work and attend certain social events that we aren’t thrilled about attending.

So with that said, guyifying something is an acceptable solution in the short term. Although it can also be a little irritating. Especially when we see it in products. It’s good to see companies trying to sell things that are classically associated with women to men as well. It’s just sad it needs to be repackaged and labeled with something like “for men” as most of these products are really no different.


But these companies are not dumb. They realize that sadly most men (and even moreso women) still have an issue with anything feminine for guys.

In the grand scheme of things, the hope is that it’s only a temporary stepping stone to a world where masculine and feminine things can blend together. Where one doesn’t need to guyify or girlify something based on their gender in order to be accepted in society. That one day all of us can just have a free range of choice depending on what we like and how we feel, gender be damned.

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