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Freestyler 2017

It has been 23 months since my last post here. I apologize for the long delay. The truth is, it’s not a subject that has interested me much the last couple years. I have many other interests. Fashion freestyler is really more of an awareness site. A way to get the word out about the fact that people have the freedom to wear what they like and our culture should embrace that and not be so gender specific with clothing.

Once you say those things, which I have on this site a few times over, there isn’t much more to say. Rather than being a blog style/article style site, maybe it should just be more of a static information resource like a wikipedia page or a book. But every so often I have something more to say and the format does allow comments, which are nice.

I still practice what I preach. I’m just so in my groove with it that it’s not really something I think about. Which is pretty much the goal of fashion freestyle to begin with. That it’s normal for us to wear what we like. So normal we don’t make a big deal out of it or talk much about it. The same way I don’t feel the need to talk about a lot of things I do in my life because they just are what they are. 

I have a confession. I’m not really a fashion guy. I don’t follow the fashion industry. I don’t care about top designers or new trends this season. If anything I think there is a lot of waste going on in the industry in the pursuit of capitalist goals for higher and higher profit. So while it might be interesting to cover those trends from a freestyle perspective on a site like this, I don’t have much interest or passion for it. My goal was really just to say “hey it’s not cool that men can’t wear women’s clothing and vice versa without getting shit for it from much of society.” The specifics about what you are wearing beyond the basic categories of skirts, leggings, panties, jeans, sweaters, etc. don’t really concern me. Just that we live in a society where it’s alright to wear all those things no matter who you are.

So that’s the biggest reason you haven’t heard much from me in two years. 

The other reason is because there isn’t a big enough audience to push me to publish more. I know that is sort of a catch 22. If I wrote more maybe there would be a bigger audience. But there is also an objective reality that freestyle fashion is a niche thing. Niche of niche even. There is a much larger audience for crossdressing guys and people who are into crossdressing for the kink factor. 

I have no issue with those people. Do what makes you happy so long are you aren’t hurting others. But my position was always more about normalizing fashion to a point where it’s basically all considered unisex clothing no matter what it is. At the very least (even if it is still sex-separated), that we have very little concern in society about someone wearing something originally meant for the opposite sex. 

In some ways my goal does not line up with the desires of most crossdressers. I’ve come to realize that most crossdressers like the separation of the sexes when it comes to fashion. I think in their mind, if a skirt were a piece of unisex clothing, than most of the appeal of wearing would disappear. Most crossdressers are pretending to be the opposite sex or attempting to bring out the opposite sex side of their personality. That only works if the opposite sex has different clothing they can use as a costume to play the part. 

Many male crossdressers go the extra mile and put on fake boobs and long hair wigs and even adjust their mannerisms to mimic the female sex. Female crossdressers wrap their breasts to flatten them and cut their hair short and sometimes add a bulge in their pants to round out the look.     

For me, freestyle fashion has noting to do with pretending to be the opposite sex or bring out that side of your personality. It’s all about fashion variety. Which is why I’ve always felt like freestyle fashion applies more to men than women. Women already have a ton of options. If their goal isn’t to pretend to be a man, they are pretty much set on options as it stands. They can go pants or skirts, pastels or dark colors, patterns that are conservative or fun and even kid-ish. All anyone has to do is walk through a shopping mall and see all the clothing stores dedicated to female fashion. even in department stores, the women’s department is often two or three times larger than the men’s department. That’s why my focus has mostly been on men having that same variety. 

On the rare occasions we see something ported over to menswear from the female side of the aisle it takes on a very manly look. Almost to overcompensate. Like men’s skirts for instance. They are often very rugged looking and shown being worn by men doing manly things like holding a sword or swinging a hammer. Typically it’s associated with cosplay or period style clothing in some way. We’re not seeing guys in pink pencil skirts. There’s no lace or flower patterns or frilly anything. It all has to be overly-manly. 

It’s sad but I understand it. It’s hard enough to get guys to consider wearing skirts. The only inroad you really have is to convince them they’ll look like highland warriors if they wear it. Anything slightly girly isn’t going to sell. Which is why we turn to the freestyle fashion philosophy. What we desire already exists on the women’s side of the aisle. It doesn’t need to be made specifically for men. It would just be nice if they marketed it to both, and society accepted it for both, and if certain things (like shoes) came in larger sizes.    

There are a couple other things I have yet to say, but I will leave them for other posts.
Until then, enjoy 2017. I hope it’s filled with a lot of fashion freedom for you.        

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  1. There have been companies that attempted to market skirts for men. These companies seem to make a brief appearance, and then disappear.

    Kilts survive as a small, niche product.

    Skirt craft seems to be another exception. Crowd sourced, I understand that the project managed to pay for itself. Two other notable features of the project:

    1. The garment was marketed as unisex.

    2. The skirt has a bland appearance.

  2. Check out modern-androgyny.blogspot.com, “A Basic Andro Style, Guide, From The Top Down”. Perhaps a unisex skirt might be (just barely) viable financially. With costs split between male and female customers.

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