Fake it or not

It’s hard to find a community of casual crossdressers. Most are traditional crossdressers. They want to be seen as women when they crossdress and thus they get all dolled up in bras, dresses, long wigs, high heels, full make-up, etc.  They even give themselves female names and try to emulate female curves using silicon appliances. Some even go full princesses, that is super girly in pink and lace and all frou-frou.

This is not me and it’s harder for me to relate to these people. Which is why this site was born. Yeah I like pink and pastel colors. I like shorter heels and dresses. But don’t want to pretend to be a female to do it. I want to push limits on what is socially acceptable for guys to wear. I think this binary style of crossdressing goes against that ideal. It still separates clothing based on gender and says that if you want to wear a skirt you should also wear a wig and high feels and take a female name to call yourself by when in girl-mode. Otherwise go to guy-mode and be bland.

That’s not my goal. My goal is that there is no guy-mode or girl-mode. Only clothing. In my universe there are no mens and womens departments. Guys don’t give themselves a female name. They don’t wear a bra with silicon breast appliances in them to simulate having tits. If they do wear a bra it’s one that fits and purely for fashion/modesty. Like a tight sports bra rather than going bear chested. I mean unless the guy is overweight and really needs the bra for support. But he’s not faking anything in doing that if he does need the support.  And that’s what it really comes down to for me, faking it versus not faking it.

A casual crossdresser/freestyle fashion person is not faking anything. They aren’t pretending to be a gender they are not. They aren’t going into girl-mode.

Personally I tried traditional crossdressing a couple of times when I first began and I felt like a fool. I quickly realized that was not who I am. I am not a woman and pretending to be a woman was irrational.

Sadly I haven’t met any casual crossdressers. I’ve met the tranditional binary crossdressers that only go casual at times because they are afraid  of going full princess in public. Had they not that fear, I’m not sure any of them would ever wear mens-designated clothing again.


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