Do you like to wear thongs?

By thongs I mean the underwear. I know in some countries thongs are considered only footwear.

thongs on guys

I originally started this as a poll but quickly realized there were way too many variables for a poll. I’d rather you just comment with your responses and any thoughts you have.

1. Are you a guy or a gal?

2. Do you like to wear thongs and how often?
(i.e. all the time, sometimes, if it’s all that’s clean, not at all)

3. Do you like thongs on other guys?

4. Do you like thongs on other gals?

For those last two, try to avoid “depends on the person” because that really applies to everyone with every kind of fashion item. Try to imagine the average person who isn’t a model with a toned body but isn’t a lump of mashed potatoes either.

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