Colors are for everyone

A terrible thing has happened. Color has been given a gender bias.

The most obvious is the color pink. This begins at birth, where boys are given blue things and girls are given pink things. The fact that we start children off with a color bias from birth is a sad state of affairs.

More recently you see a trend toward lighter and brighter colors being associated with females. Specifically pastels, and anything bent toward yellow or purple in addition to pink.

This doesn’t stop females from wearing blues, browns, reds, black or otherwise. It’s not like we divided up the color spectrum and said that only men can wear these colors and only women can wear these colors. No, women still have the full spectrum at their pleasure. However with certain colors being signified as female only colors, this does in fact limit the selection available to men who don’t want strange looks.

Sure there are caveats. You can find polo style shirts for men in a range of colors, including pinks and pastels. So it’s not completely off limits. But you don’t see a lot of guys buying pink or pastel electronics, nor do you see the kind of color saturation in their wardrobes the way you do with women.  I know this only has gotten worse. Being a child of the 1980’s I remember boys and adult males during that period wearing all shades of bright colors and pastels. Neon was big and it was not crazy or unacceptable to see guys wearing something neon pink. Today people in our society have become much more judgemental about all of this.

These are colors. Colors are for everyone. There should be no limitations or gender associations with colors.  This needs to end.


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