About Freestyle Fashion

Fashion Freestyler is a website dedicated to the Freestyle Fashion movement. This is a loose movement that consists of men and women seeking fashion freedom by wearing whatever they like, no matter what sex the item was originally intended for.

Freestyling vs. Crossdressing

A crossdresser tries to present themselves as the opposite sex by dressing according to social norms common for the opposite sex . Essentially pretending that they are the opposite sex for any number of reasons. These reasons could include:

An inner desire to be the opposite sex, which they play out by dressing that way.
A drag show or costume party.
A personal sexual kink, such as role playing as the opposite sex.
A desire to express an opposite sex side of their personality.

They enjoy that men and women dress differently. They just want to dress opposite to the social norms of their physical sex. While we are open to crossdressers here since they also break social norms in their fashion choices, their motivations and desires are different from our own.

Freestylers pay no attention to the sex-based clothing binary in society. Where you are either male or female and need to dress accordingly. We mix and match items as we please without regard for what sex the item was originally intended for. Our motivations are based on personal style and personal likes. If we see a piece of clothing or item we like, we incorporate it into our personal style. It doesn’t matter to us if it was originally made or intended for a man or a woman. In short, we see all clothing as unisex clothing even if a specific item or style isn’t labeled or marketed that way or seen by society that way.

We believe in a future where your clothing isn’t an advertisement for your physical sex, but instead a representation of your personal style. A future where society doesn’t define that a skirt, or tights, or bikini bottoms or the color pink is for females only. A future where all clothing is defined as unisex by default and there are no men’s and women’s clothing departments. Just clothing. Find what you like and pick the size that fits.

Mission of this website

The mission of this website is to inform people about this movement, explore fashion ideas, discuss the movement and everything related to it. If you are a wordpress.com member you are free to subscribe to this website by hitting the follow button. You may also subscribe via RSS.


The format of this website is a mix between blog/article and community discussion. Though it skews more toward blog/article. Some blog entries are commentaries on the movement, society as a whole and fashion ideas. Other blog entries are of a more personal nature from the author. This website focuses on men specifically, as men have the least amount of fashion freedom at the moment. That said, we welcome all freestylers, including females incorporating traditionally defined menswear.


I began this website in 2012 under the name CasualCrossdresser.com with the same goals the site has today. However at the time I was unaware that there was already a very small movement calling itself Freestyle Fashion. It is a more apt name for the movement since crossdresser is typically associated with men presenting themselves as women and taking on the mannerisms of females when doing so. Which is not the intention of the freestyle movement.


I am open to the possibility of adding articles from other authors to this website if they fit the feel of the site and its goals. I would like to evolve this site into one of the top online hubs for the Freestyle Fashion community. As there are currently not a lot of freestyle fashion websites, I think this site stands a good chance of possibly achieving that goal.

About the Author

MikeMy name is Mike. I am 38 years old and live in Detroit MI USA with my girlfriend of 9 years and our two cats. I am an activist for equal opportunity and freedom. I work a full time job in the visual arts field and blog (among other things) in my spare time. I directed my first independent feature film at age 24 and have been working professionally in the field since I was 27. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy and period related genres. I like to read and write about philosophy, religion, society and technology. Last but certainly not least, I am a father to a wonderful son.

I began my journey in Freestyle Fashion somewhere around 2008. Though traces of it could be seen throughout my life before then. Film and theater arts tend to attract people like myself that like to dress up. Which might be one of the reasons I was attracted to that field from an early age. Whether I was dressing up as Rambo or the Karate Kid, I liked having a variety of styles to express myself. Even back then I was willing to cross the sex barrier and would from time to time borrow my mother’s more unisex looking clothing. My best guy friends can tell you the story about how in high school I came downstairs from my room wearing a pair of blue tights with nothing over them. Much to their shock, horror and amusement at the time. This was the middle of the 1990s. Not even something females were commonly doing at the time. I As I got older I wanted to further expand my horizons into female attire as well. Why limit yourself?

It seemed strange to me that as a man it wasn’t socially acceptable for me to wear the whole variety of options females had. Everything from skirts and leggings, to make-up, nail polish, and colors or prints typically associated with females.
I liked those things because I’m a lover of variety and felt limited by a society that was telling me that I had to wear only male associated things as a man. But unlike crossdressers, I did not desire to be a female or present myself as a female when wearing items made and sold for females. I’m happy to be a man. I love being a man and I love things made and sold for men as well. I just want to wear things I like. Why hold myself back? What is the purpose of that? Why put such artificial limitations on myself?

I believe men need to make advances in fashion freedom. This in my opinion has less to do with making female style fashion for men, as a few companies are trying right now by releasing tights for men or lingerie for men or skirts for men. This is the wrong approach in my opinion. All it does is continue the binary approach where certain items are considered men’s and certain items are considered women. It’s never going to result in men having the variety that women have. This variety of items already exist on the women’s side of the aisle. What we need to do is just consider it all unisex clothing.  Change people’s perspectives about what is acceptable to wear and how the clothing is marketed.

That said, I do realize that men and women’s bodies are shaped differently. I’m not denying biology or reality here. But let’s also consider that both men and women come in various shapes and sizes. Not all women are the same and not all men are the same. I’ve seen men who wear women’s clothing better than a lot of women and vice versa. I’ve seen men that could probably benefit from wearing a bra and women with barely any breasts who really don’t need one. It really depends more on the individual and the way a specific item is made. Most items currently made and sold can go either way depending on the individual. So it’s really just about changing people’s perspectives and unifying the departments in stores by considering all clothing unisex clothing.