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I found a website about Freestyle Fashion that was promoting a banner for use on any website as a way to unify all of us in the movement.

The site and banner is here: http://freespace.virgin.net/firey.fox/logo.htm

Clearly this is an older website. Circa 2000 I would guess. I mean no offense against the creator of the website or the logo banner, but it definitely looks very dated and thrown together by someone without much of a background in graphic design.

For starters the font is very jaggy. The use of a rainbow of color makes me think of gay pride. Our movement is not about sexuality, it’s about fashion freedom. Last but not least the banner is offered in a variety of styles and positions, all of which are very low resolution. It’s not consistent.

That said I love the idea behind it as a symbol that can be used by any freestyler as a promotion tool for the movement as a whole.

While I myself am not a graphic designer, I do work with a few of them and have gleaned some knowledge over the years. So I propose a new logo banner.




This new logo banner is designed at a 4K resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Which means it can be dropped in any HD or 4K resolution video. At just over 8 megapixels in resolution it can be used in various types of print media, even used on t-shirts and other apparel. The logo is vector and I will be offering a photoshop file for anyone who wants to download it. The logo uses the Helvetica (bold weight) font which is probably the most popular font in existence. It’s used by many large and small companies because it is clean, easy on the eyes and conveys both a sense of seriousness and playfulness.

The logo is to be used with the proper spacing around it of one full large E letter. If you don’t know what that means you can just use any of the files provided, they already have the proper spacing.

This logo is free of trademark and open for use by anyone private or commercial so long as you do not modify the logo or use it out of context to promote something that goes against the best interest of the Freestyle Fashion movement.

This is just a post looking for feedback. If you guys like the logo and the idea I will create a proper page with download links to all the logo styles and resolutions, as well as the photoshop file.

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